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Destination Wedding: Thailand Edition

After the pandemic, the world is opening to welcome guests. So is one of the most visited countries in the world, Thailand. With quarantine restrictions eased for the fully vaccinated, you can plan your destination wedding in Thailand with as large or as small a wedding party that you wish to fly over.

Resorts, beaches, and culture – Thailand offer something to every visitor and you can make your wedding a memorable trip for everyone on the guest list. We can add a dash of the Thai culture to our Thailand destination wedding packages by arranging Thai artists’ performances in local colorful attire.

You can also choose from many local traditional elements for the wedding décor. Add a few of the popular and authentic Thai dishes and your wedding would be complete to become an experience to cherish over the years.

It is a misconception that the Thailand destination wedding cost is too high and only the uber-rich can afford it. At DC Weddings we bust such myths every day with our affordable yet exuberant Thailand destination wedding packages.

Our long-standing connections in Thailand help you by getting the best services at affordable prices. Moreover, we can help you manage Thailand wedding packages prices by assisting you in the following key areas:

  • Location Planning – Plan locations that are naturally beautiful so that you can save on decor.
  • Venue Booking – Book the wedding venue and accommodation in the same property to get a better deal and the best service. This also helps to cut down on unnecessary time and transportation costs.
  • Itinerary Planning – With a crisp and clear itinerary you can cut down on the wedding costs without cutting down even a bit on the fun. If your itinerary is at max a 3- to 5-day long, then you can enjoy the weather, local cuisine, local culture, and enjoy with family and friends.
  • Guest Planning – By keeping the guest list simple and short, you can deliver maximum fun at an affordable budget.
  • Food & Beverages – Buying exotic items and demanding authentic Indian or European service can set you aside dearly. You can save simply by choosing from a local spread of drinks and dishes from a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian items.
  • Date & Time Planning – If your wedding date is during an off-season, according to Thailand and International wedding calendars, then again you can save substantially while getting the best services.
  • Services – Photography & Videography, Choreography, Makeup, Gift-suggestions, and many other essential services are also part of the package.

At DC Weddings we bring alive the dream weddings with experts and professionals managing every aspect of the event. The hassle-free experience makes it a memorable time for not only the bride and the groom but also their family members who would otherwise be bogged down by all the details.