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5 ways to plan a pocket-friendly budget for your destination wedding

With films like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Veere Di Wedding making it to the blockbusters, the fairytale dream of having the perfect destination wedding is something that we all have secretly cherished at some point of time. Well, the good news is that the fairytale no longer has to be impossible and unattainable as most fairytales are. If you start planning in advance, keeping in mind these pocket-friendly suggestions, you can turn your fairytale into a reality. Here are some strategies that might help you in your agenda:

  1. Choose the right location.

Destination weddings don’t always have to be an exercise in breaking the bank. With a judicious choice of the location, you can have it cheaper than city weddings. Choosing off-beat locations which are closer to one’s place of residence, yet some kind of a tourist spot can be more affordable. Also, some resorts specialize in serving wedding guests, hence they are cheaper and they know exactly what to do. Choosing those resorts will help minimize your lodging expenses. For instance, Delhiites can hire a destination wedding planner in Delhi to hunt for some amazing wedding venues in Delhi.

  1. Be an early bird.

This applies to both travel tickets as well as hotels and resorts. The earlier you book the cheaper you are likely to get them. So, always plan in advance and get the benefits of being an early bird. Don’t plan your wedding during festivals or holidays because flights and hotels are too much in demand during those times. Hence the prices are usually on the rise. Planning your wedding during the off-season when the flights are empty and the hotel rooms are mostly vacant only makes it all even more affordable.

  1. Cut down on décor and food.

If you’re already choosing an exotic location for your wedding, let the place itself do the talking. Spending extravagantly on the décor is not a logical choice. Be minimalistic when it comes to the décor. Delhiites can take the assistance of theme decorators for weddings in Delhi for their customized décor choices. Try and make the stay more comfortable instead. You also don’t need to have two hundred different types of dishes for every meal. When planning for a destination wedding quality should be prioritized over quantity. Have a limited number of items on the menu but make sure the caterers do their job well.

  1. Make it an intimate affair.

You don’t need to invite two thousand guests to your destination wedding. Make it an intimate family affair inviting only your closest friends and relatives. The lesser the number, the better the experience they are likely to have. And when it comes to close friends and family, one doesn’t really care about the glitter and the lace. What matters is the experience, what people remember are the memories they made and the time they cherished together. So, cut down further on the expenses by restricting the guest list to close friends and family who really care about you, than a thousand strangers who you never even knew existed, until your wedding day.

  1. Prepare the budget years in advance and start saving for it.

This is probably the most important step and the first one that you should take. Prepare a rough budget a few years in advance, include all the cost estimates and then start saving up for it. Keeping your total estimated cost in mind, set targets to save a certain amount of money every month. Cut down on unnecessary expenditure on food and clothes, put it all in the piggy bank for D-Day because your wedding is something you will probably remember throughout your life. Make little sacrifices today to have your dream wedding tomorrow.

Following these steps along with the assistance of wedding planners in Delhi NCR can help you plan an affordable budget for a destination wedding and execute the same with minimum hassle. Hope this blog assists you in having the fairytale wedding of your dreams!