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10 Tips to Make Your Wedding More Personal and Unique

Every couple wants their wedding day to become the event of the year for their family, relatives and friends. Regardless of whether it is a beach wedding or a farm wedding, this is a very special day for everyone to get together and celebrate the new chapter of life.

When planning for your big day, make sure that the event will all be about you and your partner. But often, your opinions and personalities can get lost in the traditional outfits, decorations and food.

Good thing there are ways to make your wedding day personal and unique.

Show Off Your Love Story Outstandingly With These 10 Tips

1. Write your own vows

This is probably the ultimate personal touch to weddings. Writing your own vows will give you the perfect opportunity to tell your partner how you really feel as well as show them how much you care. But this does not necessarily mean that you must make your vows gushy and romantic – you can make them a bit funny, especially when both of you have a great sense of humor.

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2. Create your own playlist.

Instead of letting the DJ play some cheesy classics, why not create your own playlist? You can include music that has real relevance to you and your partner. Also, you can customize it for all the different parts of the wedding.

3. Project photos of you and your new spouse

With a projector, you can show off images of you and your new spouse anywhere you want, whether that is against a screen outside or on a wall inside the venue. Make sure though, to include some old photos with your loved ones so that your guests can spend time reminiscing over your younger years.

4. Customize cake toppers

Today, there are plenty of options for cake toppers. You can have someone personalize your toppers so it will look exactly like you. Also, you can get your names fashioned out of wood, acrylic or wire. Your choices are infinite, so ensure that you select something that will represent you and your partner.

5. Use old photographs instead of table numbers

Ask your families and friends for photos of them, weeks or days before your wedding. Use these photographs to indicate their tables or seats. Aside from this, you can also place old wedding photos of your parents and grandparents at the entrance for your guests to look at as they walk into your venue.

6. Come up with a unique hashtag for your guests to use on social media

This trend is becoming popular so you must be very creative with your hashtag. A unique hashtag is not just a way of personalizing your big day, but is also a great way to keep track of the images from the day, along with the anecdotes you might have missed. Make a huge sign so everyone knows what it is, or perhaps add it on the wedding programme.

7. Upgrade the flowers

If you are not a huge fan of flowers, consider not using them for the boutonniere or bouquet. Instead, opt for something that will show off your personal interests. For instance, if both of you love to fish, you can incorporate seashells into the bouquet and use a fishing lure as boutonniere.

8. Dance lessons

It is your wedding! So it is acceptable for you to ditch the formal first dance. You and your partner can enrol in more modern dance lessons, along with your groomsmen and bridesmaids to learn a choreographed dance performance. Imagine walking into the wedding reception doors with your favorite song playing and a line of backup dancers following you! The videos certainly will be memorable and priceless.

9. Serve unique food and beverages

Events that offer great food are always memorable. So during your wedding, serve food that is unique to your location or culture. Surely, this will create a wedding day that is different from the others.

Moreover, you can make your own wine or beer. Creating labels that will match your wedding theme or invitations is an excellent way of taking personalization a step further. Serve it with your favorite dessert instead of cake.

10. Have a photo booth in place

Today, one of the must-haves at wedding parties is a photo booth. Guests won’t just be entertained, but will also bring home lasting memories of your special day. Customizing the props on your big day is the best part – you can play it up with all kinds of hats or masks, or go for dreamy bohemian touches.

The best way to make your wedding day more personal and unique is to make sure that it has details and elements that will show off your love story. Employ the above-mentioned tips to make your wedding the event of the year.